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"This company is run the way all businesses should be. The service is over the top with great prices too. The attention to detail is excellent and the personnel knows their trade. They showed us patience as we learned our new system. Everyone remarks about our system and the quality. Anytime I need anything electronics, I'm calling Soren and his team." -Lee D.

"They always do what they say they can do.  Always! They are very prompt and are there when they say they will be there.  If they're running 5-10 minutes late, they will call to explain. The price of their professional work is always the best value and the quality of work is better than advertised. This is the best service one can obtain. I have used IQueue at least a dozen times." -Dave G.

"In January of 2007 I bought a new laptop and very soon thereafter, the universe set an advertisement for Soren Hall on my front door handle!  Our initial interview with Soren was a huge success.  I called him; he came right over and set everything up perfectly.  Since then I have called him in a panic many times, and he answers the phone “Hello Mrs. Haddock”, now it is “Hello Christine!”  He is so calm, never flustered, never angry, and never nervous. He is just bright, good mannered, smart, and articulate and he smiles! And he is punctual. He is a good teacher with really good feedback.  He is confident in what he is doing and who he is!  I wanted him to be successful from the beginning and he has become very successful.  MANY of my friends are using him for very advanced purposes and they are all pleased and thank me.  What else can I say?  I trust him. He deserves the Best that life has to offer." -Christine H.

“We love our home AV system!  The IQueue Media install team was WONDERFUL and worked tirelessly to create what turned out to be a complex configuration to get it just the way we wanted it.  We had remodeled our home down to the studs and had the chance to ‘start over’ with everything and also to create a ‘smart’ home.  Soren offered ideas for enhancement to our system that we couldn’t have imagined (it’s like they never run out of ideas!), and we have been delighted with the result, day in, day out.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend IQueue Media.” -Melanie G.

"Terrific service for computer installation & repair/troubleshooting. Prompt,reliable and reasonably priced. Good sugesstions for equipment. We diffinitely have an excellent electronic service company to work with." -Ken C.

"Great! Solved a home internet/crashed computer set of problems that computer-clever friends got nowhere with.  Arrived for an appointment exactly on time [I was slightly late], solved all the problems, and was very reasonably priced. This is their business and they know their business.   I highly recommend!" -Carol H.

"I have been using this company since its inception.  The guy who runs it is honest, smart, dependable and knows what he is doing. I never feel taken advantage of either.  My bill is always fair - I never feel overcharged. I also like the way he can handle anything that i may need - from my remote control, to wiring my entire house for sound and internet. IQueue is the only company I will ever use for any audio/computer/tv needs I have. The service is A+++. I wish every company I used was this awesome!"  -Thalia B.
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